Environmental policy



Environmental Policy 

DOFT AB shall adapt its operations insofar as is technically and financially possible, and in line with the company’s commitments, via the following measures: 


  • Assessing the environmental-friendliness of our products, manufacturing, procedures, distribution, energy consumption and equipment so as to reduce environmental impact by as much as possible. 
  • Minimising the use of raw materials and removing environmentally harmful products from our production. 
  • Providing regular information and training to staff on environmental matters. 
  • Fulfilling our responsibility as a manufacturer, primarily by following the requirements of our legislators and customers in regards to environmental friendliness, and by tightening such demands where possible. 
  • Collaborating with our suppliers in order to fulfill our environmental policy. 
  • Reporting openly on our environmental efforts both to our customers and to the general public. 

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